End To End Marketing Solutions

Our Tools

Today, it is more important than ever for marketers to leverage technology to enhance their marketing strategy. The technology we use at End To End allows our clients the benefit of segmenting target communities and reaching out to them as individual customers. With it, they can stay on top of every lead and every sales opportunity and equally importantly to stay on top of their budget.

At End To End, we are committed to building effective tools that enable our clients to store , modify, and extract information from a database , and create clear and unparalleled business value. We do this with a range of proprietary tools and processes so that our clients have access to information faster and keep manpower and costs low.

Our Tools and Enablers:

  1. RADAR™

    A framework for data driven business optimisation. This process framework helps our clients understand the importance of data generated within the system and unlock the potential of database marketing and CRM. RADAR™ addresses the five phases below, which can be activated depending upon the phase of customer engagement.

    Understand the data available within the system
    Identify the sources of data generation
    Redefine data acquisition processes
    Develop strategy to acquire new data from existing and new sources within the system
    Understand customer behavior based on profiling
    Segment the database based on identified parameters and form clusters
    Identify opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell
    Work with the client to develop communication strategies to drive sales
    Build database from external sources that mirrors the 'best customer' profile
    Build database through existing customer base using various online and offline marketing techniques and activities
    Define and execute Customer Relationship Management strategies
    Identify opportunities to derive more value from the existing customer base
  2. Foresight™

    Proprietary web application for data profiling, survey and event registration.

    • Customisable forms for event registration and surveys
    • Online data profiler
    • Web tracking and analytics for EDM campaigns, Surveys, Event registration
    • Campaign Management and Administration
    • Administration – User/Activity
    • Activity specific data export and Reports
    • Data search and filter
    • Web analytics and reports
  3. Customer Tracker™

    End To End Data management application enables data modeling, segmentation, profiling, consolidation, migration and quality assessments.

    • User Management, Administration
    • Data Integration and Mapping
    • Profiling and segmentation
    • Data formatting and De-Duplication
    • Data Quality Analyser
    • Data Extract and Delivery
    • Reports
  4. SimpleRM

    Enterprise eCRM tool customised for campaign management, referral programs and seamless online data access. SimpleRM is a powerful and easy-to-use tool. Our Marketing and Sales modules can be customised for specific workflows.

    • Campaign Management (Email/Tele)
    • Tracking target audience touch points
    • Online referral programs
    • Knowledge management
    • Task management
    • Online D B management and Data Migration Services
  5. ETE Connect™

    Data warehouse created using MS SQL BI tools.

    ETE Connect™ is a knowledge warehouse which primarily concentrates on market intelligence of various domains like Enterprise IT, Luxury Retail, SMB, IT Skill and Education etc. Primary and secondary researched data sources have been utilised to build this data warehouse.

    Key info-marts and cubes include ‘Enterprise Connect', ‘mSMB Connect', ‘Education Connect', and ‘Consumer Connect'. These info marts have detailed researched information about the related ecosystem. ETE Connect™ currently focuses on four broad info marts covering multiple B2B and B2C communities.

  6. SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)

    We have well defined guidelines, processes and audit mechanisms for managing database activities from brief to delivery. These guidelines include:

    • Process for handling data: Data extraction, formatting and validating, de-duplication, standardising, reporting and quality assurance
    • Data storage and backup:
    • Daily and weekly system level backups
    • Scheduled SQL backups of database
    • External backups on DAT drives with data encryption
    • Data security norms:
    • Physical, network, system and database level security of database
    • User level access control and monitoring of database
    • Prohibition of unauthorised information exchange over internet and storage media
    • Internal security audits to understand process breech and escalation process
    • Non disclosure agreements with employees and any third party access.
    • All our tools are developed using latest technologies and constantly updated. They can be customised so that they complement your existing systems.
  7. ETE CheckIn

    A database linked registration tool to quickly process vast numbers of delegates at the event venue.

    Features include:
    • Registered delegates data preloaded into database
    • Check-in via easy user interface by hostess/volunteers
    • Facility to do spot-registrations
    • Can scale from 1 registration desk to 50 parallel counters
    • Zero chance for errors of omission
    • Live reports across counters on attended delegates
The End To End Advantage:
  • Innovation - Faster access to a host of database management tools many of which have been built in-house, stabilised and proven over the last decade and a half almost
  • Experience - Access to years of refinements in database management
  • SOPs - Best of class processes to manage data
  • Secure - Tools and applications that offer higher security and protection for data