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Application Development

Application Development plays a crucial role to enhance the power of any database-led activity. At End To End, we are committed to building effective and timely database applications that enable our clients to store , modify, analyse and extract information from a database , and create clear and unparalleled business value. We provide software development support for several types of database management applications as well as maintenance support.

With End To End's in-house software development team we are able to meet the unique and customised requirements of our clients. We also offer a range of proprietary tools so that access to information is faster and manpower and costs are kept low.

Our Tools and Enablers

All our tools are developed using latest technologies and constantly updated so that they fit into your existent systems.

Framework for data driven business optimisation.
Proprietary web application for data profiling, survey and event registration.
Customer Tracker™
Proprietary data management application that enables data modelling, segmentation, profiling, consolidation, migration and quality assessments.
Enterprise eCRM tool customised for campaign management, referral programs and seamless online data access.
ETE Connect™
Data warehouse created using MS SQL BI tools.
SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)
Standard Operating Procedures for data management and security.
ETE CheckIn
A database linked registration tool to quickly process vast numbers of delegates at the event venue.
Our Approach

We develop highly customised applications that reduce our clients' workload, manpower requirement and give you access to vital decision making information with a few clicks of your mouse. Our application development process includes

The End To End Advantage

We have close to one and a half decades experience in database management and our robust processes ensure that we manage clients' data across its entire lifecycle. Data is accurate, complete and secure across the organisation. Our effective data management services enable better management decisions, reduced risks, enhanced productivity and operational efficiency. Leverage the following benefits by partnering with End To End:

End To End's database marketing solution is complemented by equally strong TeleServices capabilities. Our extensive experience in TeleServices enables us to offer our clients a range of customised service capabilities, to meet varying requirements.