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In today's knowledge driven dynamic business environment, huge amounts of data are being generated and collected every day. This data can not only aid decision making but may be required from a regulatory perspective too. Data, unless cleaned, enriched, formatted, and made useful is just that, data with little use.

At End To End, we have the experience and know-how to make data accessible and usable. Our approach to database management is led by the focus on our clients marketing strategies.

Our Data Management Services
Data Strategy and Design:
At End To End, we partner with our clients to work out the perfect data strategy that supports their marketing activities. We then use data design to discover and redefine data characteristics and processes. We refine information from its raw form, to create precise data structures and processes. With good data design, data access can be fast, easily maintained, and can be enhanced. The process of data design includes identifying data generated within the system, defining specific data types and storage mechanisms, and ensuring data integrity by using business rules and other run-time enforcement mechanisms.
Data Enrichment and Data Enhancement:
End To End provides solutions for identifying valuable data and information that is used to enhance the efficiency of our clients' marketing efforts. We use advanced technology and statistical methodologies to categorise and segment data to make it more useful. We also help our clients integrate this enriched data into their current databases or management information systems.
Data Optimisation:
We use the latest techniques and proprietary tools so that our clients get an opportunity to use invaluable data in innovate ways, get interesting insights and leverage this information to drive business. This includes rationalisation, cleansing and segmentation of data, data cleaning and de-duplication, merge files and realigning data fields, data scrubbing, sorting and flagging records by various parameters, high volume data entry and data processing and optical character recognition.
Data Migration:
Data migration is the process of transferring data from one software format into another or from one storage device to another. We at End To End are extremely familiar with data migration and we have worked with scores of companies throughout this critical, laborious process. We write specific programs that will facilitate this process and make it faster. Our data migration team draw up plans and schedule the entire process so that clients have access to their legacy data at the earliest.
Data Analysis and Data Mining:
Several companies face the challenge of not being able to leverage data they have collected for better insights into their customers. End To End offers its clients customised data mining solutions. We help clients access all types of data including operational and transactional data, non-operational data and meta data, to generate reports that can help them draw up an effective strategy. Information gleaned out of data mining can increase revenue, cut costs and aid customer acquisition and retention.
Data Warehousing:
No matter how big our clients' data warehousing need, we help them store data of varying sizes and make it easy for them to access their data for their day to day operations. We ensure access to quality information, generate reports so that our clients can make better business decisions, track trends and relationships and come up with the right strategies. We offer a range of data warehouse solutions including offline operational data warehousing, real time data warehousing and integrated data warehousing. Security is a major concern in most data warehouse solutions and End To End ensures that its clients' important and sensitive data stays secure at all times.
The End To End Advantage

We have close to one and a half decades experience in database management and our robust processes ensure that we manage clients' data across its entire lifecycle. Data is accurate, complete and secure across the organisation. Our effective data management services enable better management decisions, reduced risks, enhanced productivity and operational efficiency. Leverage the following benefits by partnering with End To End:

End To End's database marketing solution is complemented by equally strong TeleServices capabilities. Our extensive experience in TeleServices enables us to offer our clients a range of customised service capabilities, to meet varying requirements.