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Email Marketing

Email List Management

Email marketing through newsletters and direct emails is an effective campaign strategy. Emails are versatile and relatively simple to organise, as long as the email list is in good shape. A good database therefore, is a key strategy for marketers to acquire new customers and expand their customer base.

At End To End, we help you put an end to laborious trial and error methods of database building and bring our extensive experience to give your campaigns a focused, highly interactive and current email list management strategy. We help build and maintain an updated sales and marketing database for our clients so that their marketing efforts can be well focused.

We combine our expertise in Data Services to complement any Email Marketing activity. And no matter what file formats the data resides in, we ensure that the data is compatible with our clients' existing systems.

Automated subscription and unsubscription

Managing a growing email list can be tedious unless much of it is automated. At End To End, we offer our clients email marketing tools that make it simpler and easier for them to manage their mailing database, thus always keeping it relevant and updated.

One of the aspects that can be better automated is the subscription and unsubscription aspect of a mailing list. This has much to do with privacy policies and we ensure that our clients don't get black listed by service providers by automating this simple option.

The End To End Advantage

End To End Marketing Solutions has close to one and a half decades of marketing experience. At End To End we fortify our clients marketing strategy to give them highly focused and customised Email Marketing solutions.

For well thought through and strategic Email Marketing, partner with End To End. We have a proprietary Master Database that we leverage for our clients' marketing needs. Our database-led marketing capabilities when combined with our TeleServices strengths makes for a potent combination. As a result, our clients just don't engage in marketing activity but benefit from faster go-to-market times, see higher customer acquisition and ROI.