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When executed properly, Tele-Prospecting is the most effective tool within the lead generation mix for delivering sales-ready leads.

At End To End, our lead generation specialists use the phone to reach out to decision makers with targeted messaging to generate sales leads. With End To End, a tele-prospecting program works because it is backed by skilled and trained callers, dedicated to generating the largest number of leads for our clients. Tele-Prospecting requires phased, planned effort to establish rapport and trust with prospective clients and our callers know how to do that with just the right personal touch. We address our clients' pain points and position the benefits of our clients' offering in the most non-marketing way possible.

We offer the spectrum of tele-prospecting services so that we generate better quality leads and have a high closure rate for our clients. Our services include:

The End To End Advantage

At End To End, we have close to one and a half decades experience helping our clients address their sales-led objectives. We leverage Infonautix , our database marketing solution to meet all our clients' sales and marketing challenges. We have our own Master Database and can design the perfect database-led solution to address your need. With Infonautix, we have extensive capabilities in a whole gamut of Data Services, Lead Generation, Email Marketing, Market Intelligence and Research , and in implementing CRM solutions.

Infonautix is complemented by our TeleServices offering. End To End's extensive experience in TeleServices enables us to offer our clients a range of service capabilities. The robust and well-trained team has a sales-led yet receptive approach, with the ability to devise tailor-made telemessages. We guarantee the success of any marketing activity and ensure meaningful results for our clients.

We have worked across industries and our clients include some of the biggest names in business and industry. Our proven lead generation methodology will help our clients educate, nurture and build confidence about their offering amongst their communities. We work out innovative ways for our clients to reach out to their customers and achieve their marketing objectives.