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Response Management

An efficient Response Management system will allow our clients to address issues such as - which marketing activities generate the most favourable response, which marketing activities resulted in the maximum ROI, which prospects are most likely to turn into sales. As a Marketing tool, Response Management allows you to handle potential sales leads, with the right information on your prospects.

At End To End, we manage potential customer calls, whether in response to our clients' advertisements, to follow up on leads. We also organise event registrations and/or feedback collation and ensure that every response to our clients' brand is dealt with professionally.

We understand the value of this qualified information to be passed on to the sales teams. Our skilled, results-driven representatives efficiently handle potential customer calls, and channelise questions and requests in the right direction.  We are adept at handling spikes in volume to suit our clients' needs. In addition, we manage, measure, track and analyse responses for our clients' marketing teams.

Our Response Management services:

Use End To End's Response Management services to get qualified data on prospects and to understand and segment markets.

The End To End Advantage

End To End's extensive experience in TeleServices enables us to offer our clients a range of customised service capabilities, to meet varying requirements. The robust and well-trained team has a sales-led yet receptive approach, with the ability to deliver tailor-made telemessages. We guarantee the success of any marketing activity and ensure meaningful results for our clients. Our TeleServices capabilities are complemented by Infonautix, our database marketing solution.

We have been the partner of choice to many leading brands, from IT to retail, from consumer goods companies to finance. With close to one and a half decades of experience, we offer a range of marketing related services for all your needs.